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Free Cape Pattern and Tutorial from The Cottage Mama. Learn to sew. 14. FREE Superhero Cape Pattern and Logo Patterns #sewing # tutorial.Mark the Velcro® locations on the neck extensions. 2. Use the pattern created to cut a cape from Fabric A (outside cape) and Fabric B (lining). Free Instructions.It's easy to sew up ( honestly the longest part is assembling the pattern). It has a couple of different lengths and is sure to add a little drama to any costume.This free long cape pattern has a sew and no sew option. Easy and fast to make you'll have that long cape you're been wanting to make in a flash!Oct 1, 2013 . Free Cape Pattern and Tutorial from The Cottage Mama. Learn to sew a versatile cape perfect for girls, boys and adults.Sep 25, 2013 . Fleece Fun ( presents the Easy Long Cape, a free cape pattern tutorial. Angel walks you through hos to make sew . Oct 23, 2013 . This fast hooded cape can be made in under an hour. It's simple, but for a perfect fit! You can get the free pattern and written directions here: For where there's a cape, there's the swish and swirl of showmanship. Our one basic, easy-to-sew pattern is versatile enough to conjure up a whole parade of . Mar 4, 2013 . Last week I gave you logo patterns, this week I give you the cape pattern! I've had lots of requests for this since I made them last year. Merry.Mar 4, 2013 . Please note: This tutorial is still and will continue to be free (below). SUPER HERO CAPE PRINTABLE PDF PATTERN: available for any .

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